Conti di San Bonifacio Wine and Hospitality strives every day to deliver the best in everything it commits to do. This is an all embracing philosophy driving the culture in all of the divisions of its activities. Sarah and Manfredo di San Bonifacio define the work ethic and the value set for this hard working, innovative and exciting business.

If you are looking to build a career in an organisation where you will have the opportunity to become the best you can be, please contact us immediately using the form below.

Being a part of this young and vibrant team will give you the advantage of working in a uniquely international environment, delivering services of excellence in the heart of one of the most beautiful regions in the world. Join us and be part of a team big enough for you to learn and spread your wings but small enough for you to really make a difference!

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We are currently seeking for a Junior Sommelier, Wine waiters and Housekeepers with a high level of English and devotion for quality service. Please submit your applications to

We are a team devoted to providing the highest standards of hospitality. Are you?

If you have a passion for the guest service industry and would like to join us in delivering a service of excellence to our guests, contact us.

We are always looking for talented and special  individuals to join our team who can help us to take our Hotel to the next level.

Whatever your discipline in the Hospitality spectrum get in touch using the form below.

Earth, vine, wine and design, whatever your passion we are always looking for individuals who can bring something unique to our highly successful team.

Are you a talented wine maker, a sommelier, a magical wine marketer or a super salesperson and you dream of working for a group big enough to offer you a career of breadth but small enough to ensure that what you do every day will make a difference to the overall result, contact us straight away!

After working in London for 20 years in the fields of finance for international organisations, Sarah and Manfredo di San Bonifacio have enormous experience in creating learning opportunities for talented students.

The mutual benefits for the business from having the smartest talent working and learning “in the house” are immeasurable.

Internships give both sides a fantastic opportunity to understand whether a career at Conti di Dan Bonifacio is possible. If you are studying within the Wine World or within one of the Hospitality disciplines there could be a wonderful learning opportunity for you inside of a very real and fast paced business environment.

At Conti di San Bonifacio we are passionate about learning, improvement and evolution-always striving to do better for our guests, clients and our people.

Check this page for industry articles and cutting edge academic work to help us to evolve and develop every day.

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