The Countess’ Corner-Venice

IMG_5561I get asked all of the time for recommendations from our guests at the Wine Resort. So in order to meet demand every now and again I will write a blog with a special suggestion. Todays is a restaurant in Venice.

We got to this “bacchari”, translated means to celebrate the rites of Bacchus, after buying an obscene amount of fish in the Venetian Fish Market. A short gondola across the canal and a 10 minute walk got us to Alla Vedova, The Widows House. It really is everything you want from Venice for lunch: small, wood lined with venetian floors and a well-worn feel about it.

The menu spurred us to order almost everything. The white polenta with schia, small grey prawns from the lagoon which the venetian fisherman eat raw, was off the charts. As was the seppie in squid ink. We were washing it down with some Prosecco as when we ordered a jug (beautiful ceramic on a pewter tray) of the house red, the eccentric owner says, “Don’t, its undrinkable.” He went on to get quite animated, continually reminding us to slow down (we were wolfing it down) as the last thing he needed was a reputation for being “fast food”.

Anyway I’m including a snap of my favourite table at which I will most certainly try to organise a very long, and slow, lunch with some favourite people. I’d love to know what your favourite haunt in Venice was?

The Table and the Bed

The Suite with your gauze covered Four Poster
Apparently, everything we do is to enable us to get back to the table and the bed. I like this kind of simplicity and I have to say while I enjoy so many things in between, sleeping, eating and drinking are profoundly important. Which is why when I received an email from one of our recent Wine Resort guests who stayed with us last weekend with her family, I inwardly smiled and felt a modicum of gratification. She said, and I quote:
“And I will quickly tell you that your beds are the most comfortable in all of Tuscany! I could have slept for days.”
This particular lady is a writer of Luxury Travel Books. She is about to embark on a new edition and therefore was touring some of Tuscany’s most dreamy Hotels. Given she must have slept in a few beds during her trip I reckon her comment is quite a compliment. Choosing the right beds for the Hotel became a science last year. Our guests from abroad are particularly focused on what kind of “sleep experience” they will have and so the decision was critical. In the end I designed and had built by our local carpenter, Daniele, a set of bases and 4 Posters for every room in natural, untouched, bare beautiful wood. What goes on top is a Sealy, 45 cm deep pillow top “cloud experience” mattress. White Egyptian cotton sheets and Sealy pillows (feather, down and anti allergy) are the pièce de resistance. So, you see, while all of this detail could be described as unnecessary I believe otherwise. The detail matters and on your vacation, sleep is everything. I knew my COD would serve me in good stead in this line of work. Anyway back to the computer. We are putting the finishing touches to our new Wine and Hospitality website. It’s looking very smart!