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Società Agricola Poggio Divino
Località Casteani 1
58023 Gavorrano (GR)

Telephone: + 39 0566 80006


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Meet the Wine Resort Management Team

Laura Mendelson – Wine Resort manager


Having grown up with her family in the hotel business, she developed a flair for hotels early on in life.  She later went on to study International Business Management at Villanova University, starting her love affair with Italy during her study abroad in Rome.  After graduating, she pursued her passion for wine at the Wine School of Philadelphia, where she learned all about the global wine world, paying particular attention to her favorite- Italian wines.

Smart, sophisticated and adept at problem solving she is something of a pioneer here in the Maremma. She has won over the locals and gets the maximum from this beautiful country for her guests.

Laura takes all of the day to day responsibility for the Hotel and is the central coordinator for weddings and events. Ask her to create a dream stay for you and she will stop at nothing to make it happen.

Well travelled and cosmopolitan herself, she knows what the guests want. She has brought to Tuscany the type of sophisticated services an international traveller expects but can be impossible to find in the middle of the countryside. She also defines the Wine Experiences at the Hotel, often conducting some of the more in depth barrel tastings herself.

Her love of Italy and its food and wine is often described as “contagious” by our guests and they have usually fallen in love with her too before they leave us!

Manfredo di San Bonifacio – Owner

Conte Manfredo di San Bonifacio

The perfect host, once described as “impossibly handsome” is often at the Wine Resort talking with guests and working hard behind the scenes.

As Owner and Director of the Hotel and Winery he oversees all elements of both the Hospitality and the Wine business. It was his vision that convinced his wife, Sarah, to come to Italy and invest in this part of Tuscany.

Wine must run in his aristocratic veins as he shares his passion with his guests and friends that join him at the Hotel.

It’s about immersing our guests in the Wine Estate, the vineyard and what it means to be a Winemaker. Its not just about the glass you drink with your dinner, but about the fascinating journey form our red Tuscan soil to the bottle.

He leads by example and teaches his staff how he wants his guests to be treated when they visit us. He believes everything is possible for a Conti di San Bonifacio guest. The service must be personal and intimate from the second you make your booking.

When asked how he deals with problem resolution, he responds, “I can’t please all of the people all of the time but I will learn from my mistakes and make this the best Wine Resort experience for our guests Tuscany can offer.”

Watch this space as he has many future plans to bring the best of Italy to his guests in other locations.

Sarah di San Bonifacio – Owner

The Countess

As owner and Director of the Wine and Hospitality businesses, she is driven to bring the Tuscany she adores,to both guests and friends through the Wine Resort and the Wines they make.

She takes personal responsibility for strategy, design, sales and marketing. She believes that this is paradise on earth and she wants to share this heaven with her guests. She designed and decorated the Hotel herself, taking essential elements of stone, chestnut and terracotta and lacing them with eclectic pieces she has found over the years in Florence, Venice and London.

She explains – “The people who visit us here are fascinating and inspirational. From so many countries and walks of life I find myself learning so much and have built friendships the world over. She continues… “all of the very best things in life are here-food for the soul, wine for the heart and a view of Tuscany which will never let you go…my job is to bring this heartbreaking combination to others!