Docet Docet Docet…the pleasures of Cabernet and a SuperTuscan

Conti di San Bonifacio Wine Resort, Gavorrano, Tuscany, Italy - living room

Last night I drank a bottle of our Docet 2007. First and foremost it was a proper pleasure. The Cabernets were just melding together, fruit and tannins in perfect harmony. Wow. And the glass or two that I drank made me a little nostalgic. That Docet 2007 was the first vintage of the Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon we bottled. And what a journey it has had since. The next vintage, the 2008 was a rocket. It won many awards, in particular the prized Super 3 Stars and 94 points from Veronelli. We were on the map! It was described by Decanter as “very rich and elegant” and thats the thing. These Cabernet grapes planted in the soils of the Maremma, Tuscany, thrive and flourish, and create a fullness of fruit with a European finesse. The 2009 was just as good, winning almost every single award as the 2008 but it had a difference. For those of us that knew these grapes we could see that as the vines were deepening their roots, the fruit had refined itself even more. We knew we had something very special in the vineyard.

Docet 2010 is still a secret for all of you. It has quietly done its time in French Oak and 18 months in bottle. It is really going to be a jewel of a wine like its predecessors and has already won a Gold Medal in the 2013 Decanter World Wine Awards. We’ll release it next year in the Spring.

So if I were you I’d get your hands on a bottle of this red nectar. If you hurry you can buy a case or sign up for our new UK WIne Club and the first shipment will be Docet 2009 for the Holiday with all of the privileged pricing that comes with your membership. Have a look here…

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