As guests of Conti di San Bonifacio you will be in the hands of nobility and can experience a hospitality crafted over many generations. Share their passion for this land of exquisite perfection and be renewed in spirit from the simple pleasures Tuscany can offer you on this enchanted hilltop.

Read the following to understand what hospitality means to us and who we are.

Generations of hospitality


Count Manfredo’s much loved Grandmother Marialena was a direct descendant of Dante Alighieri who was born in Florence, Tuscany. She grew up in the beautiful historic home of Dante in Verona where he built his life after his exile from his beloved Firenze.

Count Manfredo and his wife, The Countess Sarah, fell in love with each other there and with Tuscany itself. So much so that they acquired an estate where vines were planted a decade ago and the stunning Conti di San Bonifacio Wine Resort was created.

Their devotion to the terroir, the work and their team there have defined three outstanding red wines, Monteregio, Docet and Sustinet. Each wine is steeped in family tradition, discipline and plain hard work.

The family has wrapped its arms around their estate here in the Maremma in Tuscany and created a paradise for their guests and wine lovers alike.


The origins of this family mark back to 959AD when the Counts of Bonifacio ruled over Verona. Their domination over Verona and North Eastern Italy lasted many centuries.

Wine and war intertwine over the generations of their illustrious family. One of the oldest parchments in their family archive in Padova show that in 929 AD in Ronco the Conte Milone, with his wife Vulperga, gifted the benedictine monks of Verona both the Church of Santa Maria in Ronco and a “manso” or farm – in Callecava (near Vicenza) with arable land and vines.

But Count Manfredo and his Wife Countess Sarah are the first generation to bottle first growth wines after a thousand years of producing wines from their estates and properties across Italy for their family, guests and workers.


The Shakespearean tragedy of Romeo and Juliet finds its origins in the history books and archives written about the Counts of San Bonifacio by Rolandino a 13th century historian.

The Montagues in fact represented a political faction known actually as the Montecchi, who had rebelled against Azzi Marquis of Este. Azzi forged an alliance with the Counts of San Bonifacio and they were known as the Cappeletti for the small caps they wore.

Count Sauro was killed by Tiserio, of the Montecchi faction and he escaped to the Orient leaving his brothers to make peace with the powerful and dangerous Counts who thereafter lost Verona and were settled in San Bonifacio, a town between Verona and Padova.

And so it was Shakespeare made a beautiful tragedy of how the Counts of Verona lost their beautiful city on the death of Sauro and became known as the Counts of san Bonifacio in the year circa 1207.