Website coming soon… and its finally here!


I decided along with Mike Harrison, our faithful and trusted friend and web designer, that we could send a better message via the world wide web than we were currently managing to do.

So I took on the task of creating a portal through which guests and clients, old and new could step into our world. I would love to say it was daunting and exhausting and almost impossible to achieve but it wasnt like that. From having the new photographs taken back in Spring, to writing pages and pages, to juggling the design decisions all the way through, it has been a joy.

It is the culmination of so many elements I have dreamed of since we left our jobs in London. First and foremost it is to truly reflect in images what it is to experience CDSB Wine Resort. Secondly to be able to tell the story of our work, the creation of the garden vineyard and how this very special small Hotel became what it is today. Finally, to be able to share day to day, season on season, the life that we have found here in Italy.

One spends so much of life dreaming of what we can do one day, how we will feel and what it will be like once we get there…it is actually a shock when you find yourself doing exactly what you always wanted to do.

Here in this new website you will see all of the small steps we took to bring the Conti di San Bonifacio Wine Resort and Winery to life. Passion, love, wine, work, madness, earth, taste, food, paradise, simple Italy…its all here.

Welcome to Tuscany!

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