Perfect Day

Getting married on the property
I couldn’t resist. And as I listen to the great mans “Perfect Day” I can’t help but think of all of the quintessential Tuscan moments we have had at our Wine Resort this year. I’ve always known in my heart what an other worldly place we had found here in Italy. You arrive and your problems are left far behind. The light, the air, the mesmeric views and then there’s the wine and food for the soul. So it comes as no surprise to me that this year was filled with a lot of love. Guests in love, celebrating marriages shiny new and old, I saw them in every corner of the place. Sharing a couple of hours on a sofa in front of the fire with a soft blanket or gazing out over vineyards and sky accompanied with a glass of something special. 
The weddings we celebrated on our hillside were like a crescendo of beauty. We get to know the couples so well and when they arrive for their three special days with us, even for us it is like poetry in motion. The Wine Resort opens its big chestnut Tuscan doors with every detail in place to create a magical experience for bride, groom, family and friends. So many say how easy it was to organise their marriage in Italy with us even though they came from so many countries across the world. As the team goes to work behind the scenes, I have watched wedding suppers for a a hundred guests come together effortlessly, even the stars twinkled for us overhead. 
 So, if romance is the act of doing the unexpected for someone you love, now’s the time to think of booking that escape you’ve been thinking of for so long. For many life is so full of work and struggle that the perfect days are few and far between. I know a place where you can find one every day, in any season. 

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