Organic Olive Oil-Italian yummy heaven

Conti di San Bonifacio Wine Resort, Gavorrano, Tuscany, ItalyFor all of you lovely people buying our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil I have compiled the following instructions for maximising Your tasting experience.

1.Take one very slender and gorgeous black bottle of our Olive Oil from its black wrappings.

2.Crack open that brand new,just picked and pressed olive oil and enjoy aromas.

3.Tear generous hunk of crusty on outside and soft and warm on inside bread and place on wooden board.

4.Pour a decadent dosage of oil on to the bread while using a fork to squish the oil inside.

5.Sprinkle some Maldon sea salt on there with a twist from your pepper mill of black pepper corns if you must.

6.Greedily devour accompanied by a glass of your favourite red???

You will now be in Italian yummy heaven…enjoy!

Buy Organic Olive Oil direct from a Tuscan Producer you know – here.