Our unique terroir here is eveything to us. The composition of our soils suggests an age of 2 million years when something like a Tsunami (Maremoto in Italian) brought together hills of red clay with mineral and metals from the sea.

Hard rocks of white limestone give our wines the ability to age over many years and create grapes with the roundest and most complex taste spectrum. Light, weather and temperature are the bounty which this vineyard benefits from. Being close to the sea, natural sunlight is enhanced enormously.

The environment

The Mediterranean climate in the Maremma can be described as hot summers (moderated by nightly sea breezes) long autumns, mild humid winters and rainy springs. It is warmer and more clement than in the traditional heart of Tuscany, allowing the grapes to ripen much more easily than in some other regions. This coastline benefits from wonderful changes in temperature between day and night, usually from 30 degrees Centigrade to close to 14 or 15 degrees at night. This causes precious precipitation in the Vineyard.

The beautiful Maremma, where our vineyard is situated, has changed dramatically over the last 40 years and exploded into one of Italy’s most important wine regions. The Bolgheri region, home to the world renowned Super-Tuscan wines, Sassicaia and Ornellaia, is situated just north of our own vineyards, and has inspired winemakers all over to experiment with grape varieties untraditional to the area which have proved so successful when grown here.

Our approach

Our philosophy is simple; Strive for absolute, unrelenting quality throughout every phase of the wine making process. This means meticulous vineyard management to grow the best fruit, rigorous fruit selection over and over again including a green harvest and delicate nurture through fermentation and maturation.

As every season passes the vineyard is groomed at a higher and higher level of care. We are constantly driving at creating the Garden Vineyard – “Vigna Giardino” where every bud, flower and leaf is treated with the utmost care.

Our objective is the creation of unique wines, beautifully expressing our terroir, wines that are the best they can possibly be. Luca D’Attoma, our oenologist, extracts these unique qualities in the soil and presents them in bottle, as the Conti di San Bonifacio Wine Collection.